Looking for reliable internet in the Queen City? Xfinity Internet in Charlotte NC is a top choice for many residents. Not only does Xfinity offer both cable and fiber internet services in Charlotte, North Carolina, but they also provide TV and phone services. For those residing in various parts of Charlotte, Xfinity Internet in Charlotte NC ensures consistent connectivity with speeds soaring up to 1.2 Gbps.

The backbone of Xfinity Internet in Charlotte NC is its hybrid fiber-coaxial cable connections. Most subscribers receive internet through the same coaxial cable used for Xfinity's TV service. This setup guarantees swift download speeds, albeit with slightly slower uploads. However, for those craving symmetrical speeds, Xfinity also offers fiber optic cable service in Charlotte, ensuring equally fast download and upload rates.

Available Plans

Plan prices are base prices that exclude taxes and additional fees.

If you're part of a bustling household in Charlotte, the Superfast or Gigabit plans might be your best bet. To delve deeper into the offerings of Xfinity Internet in Charlotte NC and to check availability at your specific address, reach out to Xfinity directly

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