Is Viasat Good for Streaming, Yes it is! With download speeds of up to 100Mbps, Viasat is great for streaming! 
Viasat (formerly known as Exede) has been designed with the purpose of making video and music streaming the best experience possible.  All Viasat plans have special settings to allow you to optimize your streaming experiences in accordance with the speed and data of the Viasat plan you have chosen.  If streaming video is important to you, make sure to choose a plan with at least a 25Mbps download speed.

What Quality can I Expect with Select Viasat Plans?




Unlimited Bronze 12


Small screen quality

Unlimited Silver 25


DVD quality

Unlimited Gold 30


HD quality

Unlimited Gold 50


HD quality

Unlimited Platinum 100


Full HD quality


How does Streaming Video with Viasat Internet Compare to HughesNet Internet?

Your ability to stream more shows for longer is the first factor that makes Viasat internet top HughesNet when it comes to streaming.  Viasat internet plans have much higher data thresholds than HughesNet, which means you get to enjoy more videos before running out of your priority data.  On top of this, Viasat comes with Viasat Video Data Extender which optimizes your use of video data so you can view even more shows, movies, and news every month.
Viasat’s data plans come with up to 150 GB of priority data per month.  Compare that to HughesNet’s top plans which max out at 50 GB.  But it’s not just the data that’s different.  Viasat’s download speeds leave HughesNet in the dust.  All HughesNet plans have 25Mbps download speeds.  Viasat’s Unlimited Platinum 100 plan, with its 100 Mbps download speeds, is the perfect tool for video-streaming.
How much streaming can you get with Viasat internet exactly?  Well, it depends on what streaming service you’re using.  Different services have different video qualities and use different amounts of data per hour.  YouTube videos, for example, will use up about 360MB per hour (depending on video quality), whereas Netflix and Hulu will use around 750MB per hour.  Watch those Netflix shows in HD and you could be looking at up to 3GB per hour.
While 3 GB per hour is a very fast way to use up your Viasat priority data, it will still last three times longer than streaming the same videos with HughesNet.  While it is not recommended that you burn through your data with HD videos, if you choose to, your HughesNet data would be gone after just half a day on their top plan.  With triple the data threshold, Viasat is the best choice in satellite internet for those who want to stream videos online.
Viasat offers another way to get the videos you love without using up your precious data.  By bundling DIRECTV or DishTV with your Viasat internet, you get a 10 dollar discount on your monthly internet bill and loads of channels that won’t affect your monthly data usage at all.
Another great way to get the shows you want without eating away at your monthly data is to take advantage of the daily Free Zone.  Viasat’s Free Zone is a time during the early morning, when network traffic is low, during which you can download and stream as much as you want without using any data.  This is a perfect time to download the shows and movies you want for future watching, all without affecting your total monthly data usage.

Is Viasat Good for Streaming Music?

Streaming music is much less data-intensive than streaming video.  If you stream your music from Spotify or Pandora at the highest setting, you’ll get eight hours of streaming before using a single GB.  And at lower quality settings, you can stream your music for even longer.
This means that with the data used for watching a single movie on Netflix, you could listen to music all day long, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.  This, combined with Viasat’s large data allowances, means you can listen to as much music as you want.  But if you are concerned about going over your data, you can always stream your music at a lower quality, or better yet, download music and listen offline so you can listen without limit.

Which Plan Should I Choose for Streaming?

It’s important to know what you want in an internet plan.  If you’re planning on streaming lots of music and video, you should choose the Viasat plan that gives you the fastest download speed and the highest data allowance.  With Viasat’s top plans, you will be able to stream enough video from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu that you may not need your other TV subscriptions.  This will save you the money you need to get the best Viasat internet plan with the highest data threshold to get the most out of the streaming services you enjoy.
Remember that all Viasat plans come with unlimited data.  But this data comes at a reduced speed once you surpass your monthly data threshold.  Streaming will still be possible at this time, but if streaming during peak network hours, it’s likely that the decreased speed will cause your videos to require extra buffering time.  Your normal download speeds will be restored at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

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