Yes, pretty much everywhere. If you find yourself under American sky, you can bet that Viasat satellites will be able to get an internet signal to where you are. If you’re a rural internet user, you may feel forgotten by many land-based internet options such as cable, fiber, and DSL. But no need to worry! Viasat has got your back! Viasat’s satellite beams can reach almost everywhere.

Can Viasat Reach Remote Rural Areas?

If you live in rural America, your internet options may be few. Fiber, Cable, and DSL internets are limited by the distance their wires and other infrastructure can reach, and they may not reach you. For many rural internet users across the United States, Viasat high-speed satellite internet is the best option available.
Viasat plans are available in all 50 states and reach even some of the remotest of locations. All plans come with unlimited data and some plans can even reach speeds of up to 100Mbps. That’s faster than what you’re probably getting with DSL or mobile. While data is unlimited, there is a data threshold. After surpassing your monthly data threshold, your internet will continue at no extra cost, but you might experience slower speeds during peak network congestion.

Are All Viasat Plans Available in My Area?

Viasat technology, combined with its full team of satellites, allow Viasat internet service to be available pretty much anywhere in the United States. But different satellite beams are designated for different areas, and those beams give access to different plans, so not all plans are available everywhere.
If you are interested in Viasat internet, please call Viasat customer service today to discuss which plans are available in your area. The customer service representative will be happy to figure out what your internet needs are and help pair you with an appropriate plan with the download speed and data threshold that are best for you.

The Difficulties of Rural Internet Users

Does the thought of finding high-speed internet outside the city feel hopeless to you? Have you searched for cable, fiber, or DSL options in your remote location to no avail? You’re in the same boat as many rural internet customers across the country. Many have gone without the internet for years, and many have settled for snail-speed dial-up or other behind-the-times options. But moving into a more populated area is not the only internet option available to you. With Viasat, you can have your peace and quiet and still enjoy some of the best high-speed internet out there.
How can Viasat reach where the other internet providers can’t? Well, other internet providers often don’t build the infrastructure necessary to reach low-population areas because there isn’t enough economic incentive. Wires can only reach so far, so these companies would have to build extra facilities and towers to get the internet signal all the way to these remote areas with only a few people. The costs outway the benefits for them. Internet providers such as Verizon will invest in this infrastructure in highly-populated areas because more customers means more profit, but when potential customers are few, it’s not worth it to them. Satellite internet is different. The infrastructure needed to reach those low-populated areas is already in place, 22,000 miles in the sky. With Viasat satellite technology, high-speed broadband internet is available across the 50 states, reaching the many locations other internet providers have failed to reach. If you live in rural America, consider making Viasat your internet solution today.

Is Satellite Internet a Good Solution?

Is satellite internet a good option, or just the only option? It may reach my location, but will it be fast? Viasat is aware that many think of the words slow and unreliable when they think of satellite internet. But satellite technology, especially the technology used by Viasat, has made huge improvements! With the launch of Viasat-2, Viasat’s latest and greatest satellite, many locations can receive the blazing fast download speeds of up to 100Mbps. No other satellite internet can compare! Even Viasat’s cheapest plans offer download speeds of up to 12Mbps. For a lower price you’re still getting speeds fast enough to do most of your everyday internet activities, and faster than the DSL and dial-up options available in many remote locations.

What Plans are Available Where You Live?

Viasat has a team of satellites in earth’s orbit, each shooting different satellite beams to different locations. Which beams are designated to your location will determine what Viasat plans are available where you live. This means that some customers will have access to the 100Mbps plans, but not everyone. In some locations, only a 12Mbps plan may be available. That doesn’t sound very fast when compared to 100Mbps, but it’s not actually a bad speed. You can do a lot with 12Mbps. And remember, no matter what plan you get, it will come with unlimited data. That’s right, your internet will never stop, and you’ll never receive extra charges, no matter how much internet you use. For customers living in remote rural areas of America, the modern technology and high-speed performance of Viasat internet can give you the internet experience you’ve been wanting.
If you are unsure what plan is best for you, call Viasat customer service today to discuss the options in your area. The Viasat customer service representative will be happy to walk you through the ins and outs of the different plans available to you and discuss which one best suits your desired internet activities. Whether you want to connect one device to your Viasat home network or twenty, and whether you’re using your internet for news, for streaming, for social media, or simply for email, the Viasat customer service representative can help you find the plan that best meets your needs and your budget. If you are considering the fastest, most reliable high-speed internet option for rural internet users, please call Viasat customer service today so they can help you get exactly what you need.

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