Viasat internet has been designed to be resilient against all but the very worst of weather. Your typical cloudy day, rainstorm, or light snow aren’t going to be a problem for your Viasat internet connection. At times of severe thunderstorms or heavy snowstorms though, you might experience an internet outage. In such cases, the outage usually lasts for less than 30 minutes, as soon as the worst of the storm passes, and the internet will restore itself without any intervention on your part.
Viasat internet connections are also very resilient against strong winds. Because Viasat satellite dishes can withstand winds up to 60 mph, any outage during a severe storm is more likely due to the accumulation of dark clouds than the strong winds. Even then, thick dark clouds are more likely to slow your internet connection than completely cut it off.

Can the Viasat Internet Connection get Blocked by Clouds?

Viasat satellite dishes are designed to work even with heavily cloudy skies. Viasat’s TRIA (Transmit-Receive Integrated Assembly) technology allows the satellite dish to push the signal through cloud cover and keep your internet going strong.
Due to this technology, you don’t have to worry about a rainy or cloudy day affecting your online activities. If you do experience an intermittent signal, please call Viasat customer service to schedule a visit from a Viasat service technician. Your Viasat internet should not be experiencing an intermittent or weak signal, even with cloud cover, so it may be a sign that your satellite dish needs to be realigned with the Viasat satellite. The Viasat service technician will be able to readjust your satellite dish to give you the reliable, unbroken connection Viasat internet provides. In all normal weather conditions, Viasat internet should remain strong and reliable.

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