In some ways, yes. But in others, no. Viasat does offer what they refer to as “Unlimited Standard Data”. So, as long as your bill is paid, your internet isn’t going to be completely shut off, and you won’t be charged anything extra for going over your data allotment. So, it is unlimited in that sense.

Viasat highspeed data

There are limits on highspeed data though, and if you go over your allotment of data, your speed is going to slow down. This isn’t what many people are hoping for when they hear the word “unlimited”, but it is better than automatically charging extra for going over. It’s also better than having your internet suddenly shut down, too. If you want to, you can purchase additional highspeed data from Viasat to keep your speed from slowing down, but you don’t have to.

Data prioritization

Another thing that will happen if you go over your data allotment is that your connection will be treated as lower priority traffic compared to other customers that still have highspeed data left. This means that your connection can slow even further during busier parts of the day with high network congestion.

The bottom line is that even though “unlimited” is in Viasat’s service plan names, Viasat does have limits on your connection. Depending on how you use your internet connection, this may not be an issue for you at all, though. If your household doesn’t use enough data to go over the allotment, it won’t be something you’ll even have to think about.

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