Yes, Starlink internet can be good for gaming, but it depends on how high your expectations are. Many different types of games don’t require precise timing, and a small delay doesn’t really make any difference. However, until quite recently, competitive online gaming was unfeasible on a satellite internet connection. With ping times (the time it takes for one piece of information to get from your computer to its destination and back) in the hundreds of milliseconds or worse, satellite internet hasn’t been able to compete with the sub 20 ping times that can be experienced with some wired connections.

Starlink had not been an exception at first. As Starlink has launched additional satellites and reworked their networking protocols, it has improved considerably, with some reporting ping times between 30 and 80 milliseconds. This still doesn’t quite match what can be achieved with other solutions, but it is now good enough that most people will not have complaints. However, for those who want every possible edge during an intense match, it’s probably not time to consider switching just yet. Starlink is still hoping to improve their latency even further, with the hope that one day they will be able to provide the same or better experience the competitive gaming world has come to expect.

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