Is Starlink Available To the Public?

Starlink currently has over 100,000 users across the United States and the world. But availability is still limited as Starlink is still in its beta phase.

The good news is that availability is constantly growing. A year ago, Starlink had only a fraction of the customers and was only available in three countries, the US, Canada, and the UK. Now, because Starlink has been launching more and more satellites all year long, they currently serve 18 countries on 4 continents.

And Starlink will continue to increase availability in the future. There are already a couple more launches scheduled this year that will continue to increase the satellite count. Starlink currently has over 1,700 satellites in orbit, which sounds like a lot, but their goal is to eventually have 42,000! That will bring high-speed, low-latency internet to every inch of the earth except the north and south poles.

While Starlink is available to many, and that availability is growing, it’s not available to everyone. At least not yet. To check the availability of Starlink in your area, visit the Starlink website. When you input your address it will tell you whether or not service is available where you live yet, and if not, when you can expect it to be available.

The waiting list is very long right now, so if you’re interested, sign up for Starlink today so that you can get on the list. This will give you priority for when Starlink comes around to your location.

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