The rollout of Starlink high-speed satellite internet service has been a gradual process through the “Better Than Nothing Beta” approach from SpaceX that was launched in 2020. Starlink satellite internet has been available in some regions since then. Starlink continues to expand its network of low-orbit satellites while working on production and delivery of home dish kits. Several factors determine whether or not Starlink will be available for potential customers in 2022.

Starlink Pre-Orders for Availability

Pre-orders for Starlink home dish kits and satellite internet service were opened to the public in February 2021, allowing potential customers to reserve a spot on the waiting list for their region. Approximately 500,000 pre-orders had been placed by spring in 2021. Pre-orders are refundable if potential customers are unable to wait for delayed delivery. However, refunding a pre-order does mean losing the place on the waiting list.

Starlink Revised Delivery Estimates

According to Starlink, potential customers in regions that already have coverage can receive a home dish kit within approximately two weeks. For potential customers who have pre-ordered service in regions without coverage, delivery estimates can be accessed through the Starlink website. The most notable delays exist for those who have not yet placed a pre-order and are not yet on a wait list, with estimated delivery in late 2022 or at the beginning of 2023.

Starlink Delivery and Scaling Efforts

As of winter 2022, Starlink has regulatory approval to offer high-speed satellite internet service in 24 countries, with paperwork still being processed in more. Starlink reports efforts at leveraging engineering, production processes, and supplies to increase production amid ongoing disruption in microchip availability and package carrier schedules. In January 2022, another fifty Starlink satellites were launched, continuing to increase regional high-speed internet service availability.

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