Fidium Fiber from Consolidated Communications is considered reliable gigabit fiber internet service for residential customers. Customers cite a U.S.-based call center as a big plus. Consolidated Communications is one of the top 10 fiber providers in the U.S. This service offers a 100% fiber optic connection directly to homes, ensuring that customers have dedicated bandwidth that is not shared with the neighborhood, unlike traditional cable internet. Fidium Fiber internet is known for its high-speed connectivity, offering upload and download speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second (2000 Mbps), which significantly enhances online activities such as streaming, gaming, video chatting, and downloading or uploading large files without interruptions like buffering, glitching, or freezing.

The service highlights include its reliability and high uptime, thanks to the fiber optic technology which is less susceptible to environmental factors and offers nearly constant 99.99% uptime. Fidium Fiber plans are designed to be simple and affordable, starting at a promotional rate of $35/month for 100 Mbps download and upload speeds, making it an attractive option for families on tight budgets. For more demanding users, the service provides options up to multi-gig speeds, with prices including WiFi equipment and installation. Notably, Fidium Fiber does not require contracts, does not have data caps, and aims to provide a customer-centered experience with transparent pricing and no hidden fees

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