25 Mbps is the bare minimum when it comes to the definition of broadband internet. It is far less than what many companies are offering today, especially with some cable and fiber companies offering speeds measured in Gbps, not Mbps.

But 25 Mbps can be enough in many situations. That’s because there are few activities online that require a full 25 Mbps to function well.

So the first question to ask is whether or not you’re getting the full 25 Mbps. Just because your provider advertises that speed, doesn’t mean you’ll actually get it. After signing up, you can do a speed test (preferably at a few different times during the day) to see what your actual speed is. If you haven’t signed up yet, check out some reviews to see if other users are getting the advertised speeds.

The second question to ask is how many people will be using the connection at the same time. Even if you’re getting the full 25 Mbps, having multiple devices using the internet at the same time could be too much. This is especially true if anyone is streaming video.

For a casual internet user, 25 Mbps is plenty. Households that use multiple devices simultaneously and that do a lot of streaming or gaming, on the other hand, should consider upgrading to a faster speed.

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