Well, it’s certainly not bad. Latency means very little to most people, who just use the internet to browse websites, check social media, and stream tv shows. You’ll never notice a latency of 75 ms in those situations.

One activity in which latency makes a bigger difference is in video chatting. All video and audio will take that much extra time to reach your audience and then take that much time again for their response to get back to you. High latency will be very noticeable as it will feel like there are long gaps between responses.

But even in this situation, 75 ms is very good. That’s only .075 seconds, less than one-tenth of one second. That small amount will have little to no effect on the conversation.

Online gaming has higher standards though. 75 ms wouldn’t be considered good if you’re playing an online first-person shooter. In such cases, many people are playing with only 20 ms latency. That extra 55 ms isn’t a big advantage, but it is an advantage.

It wouldn’t be considered bad, though, either. You can safely play games online as most games will accept any latency lower than 170 ms. And as far as gameplay, 75 ms is low enough not to be frustrating. While you might want something lower if you’re really competitive (it won’t make a huge difference), but you can still have plenty of fun with this latency.

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