A latency of 63 ms isn’t bad by any standards, really. When we talk about latency (or ping rate, or lag), we’re talking about the time it takes a data request to leave your computer, travel to the designated server, be computed by that server, and then for the response to be sent back to your computer along the same route. The fact that this doesn’t take hours is remarkable.

Despite all the distance that is travelled for this one little operation, anything that takes over 0.1 seconds is considered slow. 63 ms is considered average in some situations, and good in others.

If you are a casual internet user that uses your internet connection for work during the day and video-streaming in the evenings, you’ll never notice the latency, even if it were 630 ms instead of 63 ms. Even in situations where latency is most noticeable, like video conferencing, you’ll probably never notice the 63 ms.

While some gamers, especially those that play online first-person shooters, will say they aren’t satisfied with anything over 30 ms, that extra .03 seconds is rarely the cause of winning or losing. While getting your latency as low as possible can bring a slight improvement, 63 ms isn’t bad.

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