Yes, with 60 Mbps internet speed you can stream Netflix movies and shows easily. In fact, you can stream Netflix, download large files, game, or work from home with a 60 Mbps connection.

At 60 Mbps, you can stream multiple 1080p HD videos simultaneously, or even stream 2-3 4K videos concurrently without any lag. You can also download a two-hour DVD-quality movie in about 11 minutes with a 60 Mbps connection.

How Resolution Settings Consume Data:

  • Video Streaming: Standard Definition (SD) takes about 1-3 Mbps. You can easily stream multiple SD videos simultaneously.
  • High Definition (HD): Requires about 5-8 Mbps for 1080p quality so at 50 Mbps you can handle streaming several HD videos at once.

  • Ultra-High Definition (4K): Requires 25 Mbps for streaming on Netflix. With 50 Mbps, you can stream one 4K video while leaving bandwidth available for other activities.

    To change the video quality (resolution) on Netflix:

  • Click the profile icon in the top right corner

  • Select: Account

  • Click the profile whose video quality settings you want to change

  • See Playback Settings and click "Change" to select Auto, Low, Medium, or high quality

  • Select your desired video quality; it will apply across your devices when you watch Netflix

  • Click on Save

  • Netflix allows each profile in your account to have its own playback settings. Changes have to be made manually in the profile. Members of the household who don’t need 4k or Ultra HD streaming can adjust their settings to conserve bandwidth.

    60 Mbps can comfortably handle multiple devices streaming in HD or Ultra HD while allowing you room to do other things online. For example, most online games require a speed of 3-6 Mbps for each player without an obvious lag if the latency or ping on the signal. The average multiplayer game uses about the same amount of data as streaming music. You should be able to game and watch Netflix simultaneously.

    60 Mbps is great for Netflix.

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