A speed of 60 Mbps provides impressive capabilities for two people. This speed falls within the "fast broadband" range, and is enough horsepower for two people to stream, game, download large files or work from home.

At 60 Mbps you can stream multiple 1080p HD videos simultaneously, or even stream 2-3 4K videos concurrently without any lag. Thanks to the rapid download speeds of a 60 Mbps connection, you can also download a two-hour DVD-quality movie in about 11 minutes.

For gaming enthusiasts, a 60 Mbps internet speed ensures a low ping within games, delivering a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Experience no interruptions between devices on the same network, allowing you to seamlessly stream music, game, and work from home simultaneously. Moreover, a 60 Mbps connection meets the recommended minimum download speed for online gaming and streaming TV content.

With 60 Mbps, you have a versatile internet speed that caters to both casual and demanding internet users. It comfortably handles multiple devices streaming in HD or 4K while enabling you to work from home with efficiency. For gaming enthusiasts, 60 Mbps offers a smooth gaming experience, allowing you to grind in your favorite games without any hindrance.

Whether you're both avid gamers or remote workers, a 60 Mbps connection provides the bandwidth you need to meet your digital demands with ease.

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