ViaSat Internet (formerly Exede Internet) is one of the leading satellite internet providers. The ViaSat Unlimited plans are the fastest satellite internet available and offer unlimited data allowance. Rural internet has never been faster, but just how fast is ViaSat Internet? Certain ViaSat plans offer up to 100 Mbps download speeds with unlimited data as a bonus! Learn more about ViaSat to see if its the best satellite Internet for you.

How fast is ViaSat Internet? It depends on where you live and what plan you choose. ViaSat launched the ViaSat-2 satellite in 2017, giving them the edge over the competition. This advanced satellite offers the fastest satellite internet home service. The new plans powered by this satellite also have unmetered access to the internet with unlimited data. Customers can choose unlimited plans with download speeds up to 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, or 100 Mbps all with built-in Wi-Fi and unlimited data allowance. The base price starts at $70/month for 25 Mbps, $150/month for 50 Mbps, and $200/month for 100 Mbps. ViaSat satellite internet installation is done by a certified professional who will make sure the satellite is placed in the best location for optimal connectivity and service.

Is ViaSat Satellite Internet Fast Enough for Gaming?

ViaSat offers the highest internet speeds available for satellite internet, but there is a slight latency, around a half a second. The latency is not noticeable when running speed tests or streaming content, but satellite internet for gaming doesn’t work with certain multi-player and role-playing games, like sports or shooting games. Many games block users with this latency as it can disrupt the game. When reading satellite internet reviews, you will see many gamers who can play turn-based, or social media games fine, but typically have issues with multi-player role-playing games.

How fast are the ViaSat Internet Liberty plans? ViaSat Liberty offers download speeds up to 12 Mbps. Plans are priced by priority data, 12 GB, 25 GB or 50 GB. All plans include a free zone from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m., when you can use unlimited additional data. You can bundle ViaSat Internet with DIRECTV and home phone service for additional savings.

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