Viasat satellite internet offers high-speed internet service for residential and business subscribers. Many remote or rural areas have difficulty accessing fixed broadband internet. Viasat provides high-speed internet access to underserved populations. By providing different monthly plans at a variety of price points, Viasat increases access to high-speed internet for a range of budgets.

Tiers of Viasat Unlimited Data Residential Plans

Viasat satellite internet is available through nearly a dozen different plans. However, not all of these plans are accessible to new customers in every region. Visit the Viasat home internet web page and enter your zip code to check which plans are available in your area.

Viasat unlimited plans range from Basic 12 to Platinum 100. Along with tiers of monthly priority data, Viasat plans offer tiers of maximum download speeds. Viasat plans are in the following categories:

If priority data is consumed before the monthly plan completes, unlimited standard data may be subject to slower speeds when online traffic is high. Viasat subscribers can purchase a stand-alone priority data pack if consumption is especially high.

Viasat Unlimited Platinum Plans: Availability and Price Ranges

All Viasat unlimited platinum plans come with at least 150 GB of priority data, making them optimal for households that frequently stream video on large screens or multiple devices. The unlimited Platinum 100 plan has two versions, with data options of 150 GB or 300 GB.

Prospective customers are encouraged to check your region for plan availability. Pricing may vary depending on region. Unlimited platinum plan estimates may include the following price ranges:

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