Viasat Voice home phone is available as an add-on service for Viasat Internet subscribers. By bundling Viasat Voice with your Viasat Internet subscription, you can get a discounted monthly rate on your phone service for the first six months. Viasat Voice helps keep you connected for less than traditional landlines cost.

What Is Viasat Voice Home Phone Service?

Viasat home phone service lets you make calls over your satellite internet connection, while using a regular home phone handset Ė even the one you use now. By using ďvoice over internet protocol,Ē you can make and receive phone calls through your Viasat satellite internet connectivity. Benefits of Viasat Voice home phone include:

How Much Is Viasat Voice Monthly Service?

Viasat Internet residential subscribers can add Viasat Voice home phone service for just $29.99 a month. The first six months of Viasat Voice include a welcome discount and are billed for only $19.99 a month.

Home phone handsets arenít included in Viasat Voice service, but any standard home phone handset will work. And when your home phone is connected to Viasat Voice, you can even forward calls to your smartphone.

The Viasat Voice monthly service fee provides unlimited local and long-distance calling in the U.S. and Canada. For rates for outgoing calls to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and international calls, see the Viasat Voice international rate sheet for details on specific call destinations. The monthly Viasat Voice charge also includes voicemail service, caller identification, and call waiting.

(Viasat reminds Voice subscribers to consider battery backup or emergency power supply options if you live in an area with power outages. Internet access requires your power to be on, so if you use the internet as your home phone service, your home phone will not work during power outages. Purchasing backup power supply is recommended, so you can make calls in the event of an emergency.)

When you add Viasat Voice to your satellite internet subscription, youíll receive one convenient bill for both services.

Stay connected with loved ones and friends through Viasat Voice home phone service!

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