Customers can expect to pay about $100 as an initial deposit, with uncertain timeline for when internet service will be live. When the rollout occurs and equipment is ready to ship, customers will be billed for equipment and shipping, and monthly high-speed internet billing will begin. To set up Starlink equipment and receive monthly internet service, customers can expect to pay about $550 initially plus approximately $100 a month or $1,200 annually.

Starlink is still in Beta

With limited high-speed internet options restricting easy internet access for millions of customers, satellite internet providers are an appealing alternative to those in hard-to-reach areas. For some consumers, monthly internet bills vary depending on the data plan chosen. Starlink costs differ in up-front expenditure, though service availability still varies from region to region. All estimated Starlink costs still represent the company’s “Better Than Nothing Beta” rollout.

Although there is an initial deposit required as well as equipment and shipping and handling fees, Starlink does not offer tiered data plans. Currently, there is one flat monthly fee for service, with no data cap limiting or throttling streaming speed or quality. For many consumers, regional availability delays may be the pressing question as the cost of deposit competes with uncertain timelines. The chip supply chain interruptions have interrupted Starlink estimated internet service dates for some regions.

Can I sign up for Starlink?

However, by entering your address on the Starlink website, you can quickly confirm whether service is live in your region. Access to an initially limited number of customers is available first-come, first-serve, and a deposit can secure your place “in line.” When a Starlink installation kit is ready to ship and service rolls out, customers are notified they will be billed for the Starlink kit, shipping and handling, and taxes. The deposit is put toward this billing. Potential customers in the United States can expect approximate costs to include:

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