Internet in Alabama AT&T runs $55 - $90 per month depending on the connection type. Your address determines which options you have. If you have access to fiber internet, AT&T's 1 Gig Fiber plan, priced at $80, is an excellent option. Speeds can be higher in some locations. This plan offers superfast internet speeds without a contract, data cap, or equipment fees, and includes a price guarantee into the second year. It supports online connectivity for up to 10 devices simultaneously. In second place are the fixed wireless plans, costing $60 per month, which require a clear line of sight to a cell tower with an AT&T transmitter. Associated costs include a $99 installation fee and a $10 monthly equipment leasing fee, along with a 160 GB data cap, which may be quickly exceeded if you stream video for more than three hours daily. This plan allows for up to four devices to be online at the same time. Lastly, if AT&T's DSL is your only choice, plans begin at $55 with speeds advertised as up to 75 Mbps download, though actual speeds may be slower. This plan is sufficient for basic internet needs. DSL operates over phone lines, making it widely available. Note that the advertised prices assume enrollment in AutoPay and paperless billing, and do not include taxes.

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