Your Viasat modem comes in a package with all of your other Viasat equipment, including your satellite dish, dish mount, and all wires. On top of that, your Viasat modem doubles as a wifi router, so you won’t need to purchase any extra equipment to run your Viasat network.

You have two options for leasing this Viasat equipment package. The first is to pay a monthly fee of $12.99 per month. Signing up for Viasat typically comes with a 24-month contract, so $12.99 per month adds up to $311.76. This is important to know, because the other option for leasing your equipment is a lifetime leasing fee of $299.99. You can see the advantage to this pretty clearly. If you use Viasat for the full 24 months, you’ll save money. If you use it longer, you’ll save even more.

When it comes to the modem and other equipment, installation is also a consideration. In order to get the best connection with the satellite possible, Viasat requires all equipment be installed by a Viasat professional technician. The technician will mount your satellite dish, orient it toward the satellite, connect the dish to your modem, and set up your home wifi network. This might cost you $99, but in some areas, and with a passed credit check, you can get installation for free.

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