Viasat, formerly Exede, provides high-speed broadband satellite internet service to remote or underserved areas that lack affordable high-speed internet access. Viasat is positioned to gain global subscribers when the ViaSat-3 constellation of three new satellites has been launched. When all three satellites are in position, high-speed broadband internet service will be available around nearly the entire globe. Coverage will span North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Viasat U.S. Residential Satellite Internet Subscribers

As of summer 2021, Viasat was reported to serve approximately 590,000 broadband U.S. subscribers for its residential internet service. Though Viasat lost a few thousand subscribers as Starlink began to roll out beta satellite internet service, more Viasat subscribers have been taking advantage of Viasat’s premium service plans offering increased data and even faster download speeds.

Viasat Satellite Broadband Customers

Residential internet service subscribers in the U.S. are one portion of Viasat’s current global customers. Viasat also provides high-speed satellite internet to clients through:

Viasat Community Internet Partnership

In November 2021, Viasat announced partnering with Intercorp and CBC to advance digital inclusion by providing accessible internet availability in Latin America and the Caribbean. Viasat Community Internet service features a shared community satellite internet hotspot that is accessed in affordable increments. Remote and underserved communities with no previous internet access will join Viasat subscribers in utilizing high-speed satellite internet service.

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