Viasat currently owns and operates five satellites in orbit around the earth. Viasat also uses partner satellites from other companies in its service. Viasat uses one satellite from Telebras to provide service to Brazil, one satellite from China Satcom to provide service to China, and two satellites from nbn to provide service to Austraila. This brings the total number of satellites currently used in Viasat’s network to nine.

Viasat 3 satellites

Beginning with the first satellite launch in mid 2022, Viasat 3 will bring three next generation satellites into the network. This will dramatically increase Viasat’s network capacity to about seven and a half times its current capacity, and it will expand Viasat’s coverage area to nearly everywhere on the globe. This will bring the total number of satellites owned and operated by Viasat to eight, and the total number used in the network to twelve, provided they continue to use all the existing satellites.

The first of these satellites will be used to provide service to North and South America. The three satellites’ coverage areas will overlap and provide a continuous net of coverage around the globe. Up to this point, almost all of Africa as well as the majority of Asia have been outside Viasat’s coverage area. With all three of the Viasat 3 satellites online, Africa and Asia will be almost entirely covered, and other areas outside the current coverage area like parts of South America will receive coverage as well.

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