When considering satellite internet, speed plays an integral part in the decision. You may wonder "How many Mbps does HughesNet have?" The answer could determine whether you choose this satellite internet provider.

The New Gen5

HughesNet Mbps speeds have increased with the new Gen5 service. Multiple plans are available, but they all carry the same HughesNet Mbps. You get 25 Mpbs for downloading and three Mbps for uploading, regardless of which plan you choose.

Having such a high speed means you can do more online. The HughesNet Mbps speed allows you to surf the web, download movies and music and even play games. If you live in a rural location, the fantastic HughesNet Mbps option means you can finally have internet service similar to people in other areas.

Not everyone will get the same speed. It depends on where they live and other factors. You can check your actual speed using the HughesNet Mbps tool.

HughesNet satellite internet is designed for people who live in rural areas and cannot get another internet service. It allows them to move from the slow and almost unusable dial-up internet to a fast, reliable service. Even if you don't receive the maximum 25 Mbps in your area, you'll have fast enough speeds to do what you want online.

One of the nice things about this service is you receive the same speed regardless of which plan you select. The only difference is in the data caps. You can enjoy fast speeds no matter where you live with HughesNet satellite.

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