25 Mbps is enough speed for an individual to do pretty much any activity online. One of the highest-demanding online activities is streaming videos on Netflix in 4K Ultra HD. That requires 25 Mbps. But that would use up the entirety of your bandwidth and not leave any room for anyone else to use the internet. But most people aren’t streaming in 4K. If you stream in Standard-definition, or even in High-definition, that would leave some room for other members of your house to surf the web, check email, browse social media, or even stream videos (though not in 4K). The amount of bandwidth necessary for streaming video also depends on the service you are using. We’ve already mentioned that the highest definition on Netflix uses 25 Mbps, but the highest definition on Amazon’s Prime Video only uses 15 Mbps. If you stream frequently, it would be worth doing a little research to learn how much bandwidth is required by the services you use most often. If you have a small family, 25 Mbps should provide the download speeds necessary for everyone to get what they need out of your network connection. But if your family is larger, or if your household frequently has multiple devices streaming simultaneously in HD, then you might need something more.

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