You just want to watch some YouTube videos and relax for a few minutes. You’re enjoying yourself when all of a sudden, your connection dies. You’ve run out of data. Now you have to purchase more or wait a week or two until the next billing cycle begins.

If you’re on a limited data plan, this beautifully-written story might have been too painful for you to read. You’ve had this experience too many times and want it to stop. This is a common situation for many people because data limits suck, and videos use a ton of data. So how can you maximize your YouTube-ing without going over your limit?

At standard definition, you’ll get 80 minutes of YouTube videos with 2 GB. If you like your YouTube videos crisper than that, you can get 40 minutes of YouTube at 1080p using the same amount of data. Watching YouTube videos on 4K UHD (if you can find them) is a horrible idea if you’re trying to save data (shame on you!), but for kicks and giggles we’ll give you the low-down anyway: 8 minutes. 2 GB will last you 8 minutes. Goodbye data.

The solution (obviously) is a lower resolution. At 480p, your 2 GB will last 4 hours. That’s much better. And if you don’t mind watching blurry blobs, you can stretch those 2 GB to last 24 hours if you switch down to 144p. That’s probably unnecessary. Anything above 144p and below 720p should be a happy medium.

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