If you were hoping to hear directly from Viasat what the speed of their internet service is after you have used up your data allotment, you may be disappointed. Unless you speak with someone directly, it can be very difficult to get that information. On the Viasat website, you will see that, after using up your highspeed data on Viasat’s unlimited plans, you will still have access to unlimited “Standard Data”.

Information about “Standard Data” and its speed are noticeably absent. However, several third-party sources indicate that “Standard Data” is in the 1Mbps to 5Mbps range.

Are data caps a problem?

Depending on how much data you use in a month, data caps may not be something you have to worry about. It also depends on which Viasat plan you choose. Viasat has a wide range of options, up to 300GB per month. That will be more than enough for many households. If your household uses more than that per month, you have a few options. You can purchase additional highspeed data from Viasat or you can wait till the end of the month when the data resets, for example.

Viasat is working to make their service even better. Later this year the first of three next generation satellites will be launched into orbit. When Viasat 3 comes online, there may be even more options available.

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