In 2017, HughesNet launched the new Gen5 service update. One of the first questions customers and potential customers had was "How fast is HughesNet Gen5?" Their focus was on new options for fast, reliable internet service, no matter where they lived.

HughesNet Mbps Speeds

The new HughesNet Gen5 offers an impressive 25 Mbps of speed. The bonus with this incredible HughesNet Mbps speed is that it is the same, regardless of which plan you choose. Every customer gets the same high-speed internet service.

When you think about it, the 25 HughesNet Mbps package means you can do more online, such as chatting with friends, downloading movies and music, playing games and enjoying social media. If you spend a lot of time online, HughesNet Mbps speed means you don't have a lot of lag time as you browse.

HughesNet satellite internet service is available all over the mainland US. This service allows people in rural locations to enjoy fast internet when they previously had no options other than dial-up. Not everyone receives the exact same speed, but you can find out how fast your internet service is by using the HughesNet Mbps tool.

One of the best benefits of Gen5 is you get the same speed no matter which plan you select. The only difference is in the amount of data you can use for one month. So, regardless of if you're online all the time or just like to browse for a few minutes a day, you can enjoy fast internet.

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