The Starlink satellite dish uses one power over ethernet (POE) cable to both receive power and to send and receive data from your router. Exactly how it connects will depend on which model you have.

Starlink has a new satellite dish

Starlink has recently released its new satellite dish. This new model is smaller than its predecessor and features a square shaped dish rather than a round one. If you have the older model of satellite dish, the POE cable would be plugged into the satellite dish on one end, and a power supply on the other. Your router would also similarly be connected to the same power supply using the provided shorter cable.

If you have the newer model, the connection is fairly straightforward. Just plug one end of the POE cable into your satellite dish and the other into your router. You then just need to plug in the router, and you’re done. If you want to have anything fancier, like having an outlet outside your house to plug the POE cable into, and one inside to plug into your router, you’ll have to purchase and install that kind of setup yourself. Starlink doesn’t send any technicians to do installations for customers. The customer is expected to install the satellite dish themselves with the help of a downloadable app.

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