You can watch videos on whichever online video streaming service you like with Viasat. Just remember that streaming video uses data quickly, which means you might run out of highspeed data faster than you’d expect.

How to use less data on your satellite internet connection from Viasat

If you’re worried about running out of data from watching too many videos, Viasat has an awesome feature you’re going to want to use. It’s Viasat Internet’s Data Extender. With Data Extender turned on, video is forced to stream at DVD quality (480p) so that it doesn’t use the massive amounts of data HD streams use. It’s simple to turn on. Just visit and switch the Data Extender toggle button to ON. If you don’t want to use the Data Extender, you can adjust the video settings of the streaming service you’re using manually as well.

You can also try another feature from Viasat: The Viasat Browser. The Viasat Browser features a built-in ad-blocker and a data saving mode. The ad-blocker serves to both keep your information safe, and to stop ads from using up your data. The data saving mode keeps videos from pre-loading. So, they will only load and play when you want them to.

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