Whether you stream DRECTV, watch via a satellite dish, or aren’t yet a DIRECTV customer, you can subscribe to the MLB Extra Innings package from DIRECTV to get full MLB 2024 coverage. It costs $149.99/season (on top of your regular plan) and renews automatically unless you cancel up to one week before the season starts. After that date no refunds for the season are issued. You can watch on practically any device. Let’s review what you get.

What’s Included in your MLB Extra Innings Package

This year there will be the standard 162 games but each time will play each other team at least one time as part of the balanced schedule plan. There will be 13 games against division rivals, 52 games against division opponents, 46 interleague games. As with other major league sports games some blackouts apply. The big changes from 2023 will stay in place with a few tweaks.

MLB 2024 Rules Update

Pitch Clock Adjustment: To speed up the game, the time allowed between pitches has been adjusted. When runners are on base, pitchers now have 18 seconds to deliver the pitch, reduced from 20 seconds. The pitch clock remains at 15 seconds when the bases are empty.

Mound Visits: The number of times a team can visit the mound during a game has been decreased from five to four, aiming to reduce game interruptions.

Pitcher Warm-Up Rule: Pitchers warming up between innings are now required to face at least one batter. This change addresses the issue from last season where pitchers warmed up but didn't face a batter, which added unnecessary time to the game.

Expanded Runner’s Lane: The runner's lane to first base has been widened to include the area between the foul line and the infield grass, adding 18 to 24 inches. This adjustment allows batters to take a more direct path to first base and continues to protect them from interference.

These changes are part of MLB's efforts to streamline gameplay and make baseball more engaging for fans. Batter up!

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