Viasat Voice is an affordable home phone service that can be bundled with Viasat satellite internet subscriptions. It comes with a range of features including Viasat voicemail, call forwarding, and unlimited local and long-distance calls. When you sign up for Viasat Voice, a voicemail box is automatically assigned to your account.

How to Access Viasat Voicemail Settings

Viasat Voice subscribers can access settings in several different ways, depending on your preference. For residential subscribers, you can review voicemail settings at your convenience by visiting the Customer Feature Management Portal. You can also customize some settings by selecting numbered options when you access your voicemail with your phone. For instance, in your voicemail menu, select “6” to set a forwarding number for call screening.

Viasat Voice business subscribers can also check a variety of settings by downloading the Viasat Voice Pro app on your smartphone. Navigate through the app and open “preferences.”

Protect Your Voicemail by Adjusting Call & Voicemail Settings

Viasat Voice residential subscribers will find detailed call and voicemail setting options through the Customer Feature Management Portal. To protect your voicemail, review your settings:

Within the Customer Feature Management Portal, you can also enter or select specific numbers to be forwarded.

To further avoid sales calls or robocalls, U.S. residents can register your phone number on the national “do not call” registry.

If your voicemail box is problematic due to harassing communications, you can select several different actions through the portal for record-keeping purposes. These include:

Managing Voicemail Notifications on Your Handset

If you want to clear a voicemail notification from your home phone handset, check your handset manufacturer manual for instructions. Many companies now have product manuals available online. If you no longer have the manual that came with your home phone handset, you can go online and search your brand and model number with “user manual” or “instruction guide.”

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