With your smartphone, you can access the benefits of Viasat satellite internet and additional services in several different ways, from apps to Wi-Fi to Viasat Voice phone service.

Viasat Smartphone Apps and Viasat Browser

While many Viasat subscribers use their satellite internet service with devices like laptop or desktop computers, Viasat also offers smartphone apps for subscriber convenience.

Visit your app store and search for Viasat to install a Viasat app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Explore Viasat apps like:

Use Your Smartphone to Access Viasat Wi-Fi

Enjoy Viasat internet service through your home Wi-Fi network. Navigate to your smartphone Wi-Fi settings and connect to your secure home Wi-Fi network. You will have access to Viasat satellite internet and can browse online through your device.

Setting Up Your Viasat Voice Home Phone Service

When you receive your Viasat Voice equipment, setting up your home phone service should be a quick process. Connect your modem to your voice adapter and connect the voice adapter to your home phone handset with the phone cord. Activate your service by visiting the activation website.

Viasat Voice subscribers can set up call forwarding from your home phone handset to your smartphone using “Call Handling” settings in the Customer Features Management Portal.

Call to Set Up Viasat Satellite Internet Installation

If you want to learn more about Viasat satellite internet plans in your area, or you need to set up an installation time, call 1-877-697-2926.

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