The best way to log into your Viasat account is to download the My Viasat app from the Google Play app store on Android devices, or the App Store on iPhones. The My Viasat app lets you see your bill and make payments, check your usage, troubleshoot problems, chat with Viasat agents, and more.

You can also access your account on the web at

Why should I log into Viasat with the My Viasat app?

When you log into Viasat with the My Viasat app you can:

How do I log into my Viasat router?

Once your Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway is setup, you can type into the address bar of a web browser to access the configuration page for your router. You will be prompted to login. To make your first login simple, the default username and password are “admin”, and “admin”. You can then select your own username and password to secure your router. Be sure to use a strong password. All of the data from your devices passes through the router.

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