The only way to know for sure if Starlink is in your area right now, is to enter your address on the Starlink website and see if they put you on a waiting list.

Starlink is in Beta testing

Starlink is still in its early stages and currently it is in what is called Beta testing. Beta testing is a stage of development where a product is released to a smaller group of people than when it is fully released to test it and fix anything that isn’t quite working right yet. Starlink has plans to put more than 30,000 satellites into orbit and right now they have only launched around 1600. There’s a long way to go before Starlink internet is finished.

Who can get Starlink internet?

SpaceX plans to eventually make Starlink internet available to everyone, so anyone can put their address into Starlink’s website to sign up. But not everyone who does so will get it any time soon. Depending on your address, you may be put on the waiting list. Many people have been waiting for years on the list and it seems many who sign up now will also have to wait that long.

Don’t change your address!

If you have an upcoming move planned or expect that you might in the next few years, you may want to consider other options before waiting on Starlink. While Starlink can sometimes change the service address for people already receiving service (sometimes they can’t!), if you are on the waiting list, changing your address may send you to the back of the line. Some customers have reported having their expected ship date move back by years.

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