The first thing to do, is to try to identify the problem. There are many possible causes of zero upload speed, and the way to fix zero upload speed depends on what has caused it.

Check your wires

One thing that can cause zero upload speed is a kinked wire or a loose connection. Check the connections both inside and outside your home, replace any damaged cables, and tighten any loose connections. Another thing you could try is to replace each cable with one that you know works one at a time. This can help to figure out which cable is damaged when the damage isn’t easy to see.

Update your router firmware

Another thing that could cause a problem is that the firmware on your router might no longer be supported and may need an update. Check for updates on your router’s administration page and make sure it’s using the latest firmware.

Clean up your device

If you’re having problems uploading files, it might be because your device is too full, or running too many programs at once. Take the time to delete files you don’t need anymore and uninstall old programs.

Check with your internet service provider

If nothing seems to help, the problem might not be with your equipment or software. There may be a damaged wire or other problem in your internet service provider’s infrastructure causing zero upload speed. Reach out to their technical support and ask them to send out a technician to identify the problem.

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