Usually, if Viasat satellite internet subscribers want to check dish alignment, it’s because there is some kind of service disruption or slowdown. Multiple factors can contribute to internet performance. Viasat offers some basic troubleshooting options. Checking the alignment of your Viasat satellite dish might make sense if your internet service is intermittent and you’ve recently had bad weather or a stray frisbee hit the dish.

Causes of Slow or Intermittent Satellite Internet

There are some good indications that your Viasat dish may need its alignment checked. If a storm has caused branches or limbs to hit your roof or equipment or you knocked against the dish with a lawnmower and your internet access has been affected, the dish may be obstructed or out of alignment.

However, if there’s no immediate indication that the dish has been hit or knocked, other factors may be impacting your internet speed or availability. These can include:

Viasat recommends lightly spraying the surface of your dish with vegetable oil or silicone spray before projected snowfall to help snow slide easily from the surface.

Why Viasat Dish Alignment Matters

Viasat residential internet subscribers receive signals from one of several geostationary Viasat satellites. When your Viasat dish is properly aligned, you will receive optimal connection with the satellite that communicates with your dish for the best internet service possible.

Why a Viasat Technician Needs to Check Dish Alignment

If there’s reason to suspect your Viasat dish is out of alignment, a Viasat technician needs to assess your dish. Technicians use an app specifically equipped for alignment between your dish and the satellite that communicates with it. It also ensures that there is no interference from nearby frequencies. Viasat technicians can provide multi-step precision positioning that optimizes your reception.

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