Satellite internet coverage requires a dish to be installed at your home. Viasat dishes can be installed in a variety of locations with multiple mounting options. Viasat dish installation can usually be scheduled within three to five days when you choose a Viasat satellite internet plan.

How Big Will My Viasat Dish Be?

Your Viasat dish will be approximately 30 inches wide by 28 inches high. The Viasat dish dimensions are similar in size to satellite tv dishes. Unless your landlord or home owners’ association specifically prohibits mounted dishes, Viasat dishes have the same classification as satellite tv dishes and can be mounted on your home.

A Viasat technician will coordinate with you to find a location for your dish that meets your needs while meeting satellite line of sight and alignment requirements. A cable will connect the exterior dish to your indoor modem.

In addition to the Viasat dish, mounting hardware is also utilized. Ground-level dish installation often uses a 4-foot pole mount. Depending on the physical features of your residential space, other modestly sized mounting options are also possible. Subscriber installation solutions include side mounts, non-penetrating roof mounts, wall mounts, stub mounts, brick mounts, and under-eave mounts. Many customers have side mounts, roof mounts, or pole mounts for their Viasat dishes.

What Other Viasat Equipment Should I Plan For?

In addition to the Viasat dish, Viasat satellite internet equipment includes other components. Installation, testing, and alignment of Viasat equipment is usually completed within two to three hours. The equipment for Viasat internet service includes:

Viasat modems or modem-router combinations are used inside your residence. They will require indoor space that can accommodate an object about the size of a large thick book.

Viasat equipment is specifically designed for use with Viasat satellite internet. It is leased for a monthly fee at a rate of about $10 a month. Equipment must be returned when a service contract concludes, or if you upgrade to certain plans that require new equipment, or if you move. Viasat provides specific UPS boxes and instructions for loading equipment for return. If you are continuing service at a new residence, new equipment will be mounted, installed, tested, and aligned at the new location.

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