At the time this is written, Starlink currently has about 750,000 unfilled pre-orders for satellite internet service.

Why is Starlink so behind on pre-orders?

The backlog Starlink has built up has received a fair amount of speculation. Particularly on account of funding Starlink has received from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for providing internet services to unserved and underserved communities. Starlink claims the delays are due to the global semiconductor shortage which has caused problems for businesses across many industries. Viasat, a rival satellite internet company, claims there are other reasons for the backlog. Viasat argues that their analysis indicates a significant design flaw is the real reason they are unable to meet their obligations on time.

How long are people waiting to get Starlink?

Before the backlog had gotten this large there had been reports of some customers needing to wait years to get Starlink internet, but now some will have to wait even longer. Some customers have recently received emails from Starlink, apologizing for the delay, and pointing at the semiconductor shortage as the culprit. Checking their order status afterward, some customers have seen their expected ship dates pushed back to 2023. The wait times seem to depend on location, though. So, some people will have significantly shorter waits than others.

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