Exede Internet is now Viasat Internet

Viasat’s brand of satellite internet known as Exede internet is now united under the Viasat brand as Viasat satellite internet. Viasat satellite internet still offers the fantastic service you expect from your internet service provider.

Viasat (Exede) Plans

Viasat (Exede) Plans Features

Viasat Voice

Add Viasat Voice to your Viasat internet plan for only $19.99/month for the first 6 months. Viasat Voice is a VOIP telephone system that utilizes your satellite internet service for calling. Phone calls do not count towards your Viasat data allowance. Enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling to locations in all 50 states and Canada. Viasat Voice comes with voicemail, call waiting and caller ID. In most cases Viasat can transfer your current phone number, or you can get a new number if you prefer.

Easy Care

Try adding Easy Care to your Viasat plan so that you can enjoy priority support for only $8.99/month on any plan. If you need your satellite dish moved to a new location, once per year Viasat will move your dish for $95 (normally $200). Get the added assurance that if a Viasat professional certified installation technician needs to come to your location, additional technical support fees will be covered by your Easy Care support plan. Easy Care offers an average savings of $95 per service visit!

Viasat Browser

Viasat Browser is a whole new way to browse internet. It’s fast than other browser, because it uses artificial intelligence to gather information and learn webpages so that it can load them faster and more efficiently. It keeps getting better the more people use it! Viasat Browser is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Viasat helps to protect your time, security, and privacy by allowing you to block privacy trackers, ads, and malware. It also helps you to reduce the amount of data you use with a built-in Data Saver mode that keeps audio and video streams from pre-loading before you tell them to.

Viasat Mobile App

Use the free Viasat mobile app My Viasat to manage your Viasat account from anywhere. Keep a check on your data usage, buy more data, troubleshoot, and reboot your modem or pay your bill. The Viasat mobile app is available for IOS 9 and higher and Android 4.4 and higher.

About Exede Internet

Since Viasat satellite internet was founded by Mark Dankberg, Steve Hart and Mark Miller in 1986, the company has emerged as a leading provider of broadband services and satellite technology. All three of the Viasat founders continue to work in key roles at the company with Dankberg serving as chairman and CEO. Initially, Viasat provided consulting services for defense contractors who needed to utilize satellite communications.

Viasat went on to win a contract with WildBlue to develop the satellite internet service’s ground network. In 2008, Viasat announced plans to launch its own high-capacity satellite, and ViaSat-1 launched over North America in 2011. The new satellite, which was the world’s largest at the time, immediately increased satellite speed and coverage areas.

Viasat acquired WildBlue in 2012 and changed the name to Exede. The acquisition gave Viasat a readymade customer base for Exede that would benefit from Viasat’s satellite and engineering expertise. Viasat offered four services under the Exede brand: Exede Internet, Exede Business, Exede Voice and Exede Enterprise Satellite Service. Viasat/Exede began providing in-flight Wi-Fi to airlines using satellite internet service in 2012. Today, this in-flight service is used by major airlines to connect airline passengers to broadband internet and stream Netflix programming for passengers.

In 2016, Viasat launched ViaSat-2, the world’s highest capacity communications satellite. ViaSat-2 has improved service in North America, as well as parts of South America, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean. Exede has played an important part in shaping the global leader that today markets services as Viasat. During the Exede era, Viasat began offering customers a satellite internet connection from any geographic location. Today the focus is on offering unlimited data options to high-speed satellite internet customers, who are also enjoying higher download and upload speeds.

Viasat has been honored with an array of awards recognizing excellence in innovation, technology, satellite development and business strategy, but innovation continues. Viasat will soon launch three ViaSat-3 satellites. Each ViaSat-3 satellite is designed to cover a third of the planet utilizing Ka-band spot beams to provide broadband connectivity. ViaSat-3 satellites will be able to redirect capacity so that beams are not stranded over areas with no demand for satellite internet service.

Frequently Asked Questions (Viasat/Exede) FAQ)

Can I get Exede/Viasat internet?

Exede satellite internet is now called Viasat satellite internet and is available almost anywhere in the United States. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky so that your satellite dish can communicate with the satellite. If you need rural internet, Viasat may be the answer. Because no cable or telephone lines are used to deliver Viasat internet service, you can now get high-speed internet no matter where you are.

How much is Viasat (Exede) satellite internet per month?

Viasat internet prices are determined by the satellite internet plan you select. Plans start at $69.99 per month and may be as much as $150 for unlimited data plans with top internet speeds.

What type of internet service does Viasat offer?

Viasat offers satellite internet service. This high-speed internet service utilizes a satellite dish outside the home to beam a signal to a satellite, which transfers the signal to Viasat ground networks. Viasat ground networks read the request and respond by sending a signal via the satellite to your computer.

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