Viasat Internet brings high-speed satellite internet to rural and underserved regions. With Viasat Internet, you can set up a Wi-Fi network in your home to enjoy internet access on a variety of devices, like a smartphone. Typically, the fewer devices are using your Wi-Fi simultaneously, the faster the internet speed you’ll experience. So – if you’re using Wi-Fi rather than mobile data on your smartphone, will your Viasat Wi-Fi work with apps like TikTok?

Viasat Speeds and Data Usage

If you have one of Viasat’s modest internet service plans, you may have a lower priority data threshold. Once you use your monthly priority data, you’ll still have access to unlimited standard data. At heavy usage and peak hours, your standard data may be slower than priority data.

If you have a Viasat plan designed to accommodate regular video streaming, you may have more priority data to use for apps that feature a lot of image and video content.

TikTok Data Consumption

As an app that features video content, TikTok consumes more of your data than other apps. Apps that feature data-heavy content like photos and video clips typically speed up your data usage. Estimates for TikTok data consumption range from around 800 MB an hour to 1 GB an hour. This is also why TikTok is known to drain your smartphone battery quickly.

Monitoring Your Viasat Data Usage While Using Apps like TikTok

There are several ways to monitor your Viasat data usage if you use apps like TikTok through your home Wi-Fi. The TikTok “data saver” setting only works for mobile or cellular data, not on data used when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. However, you can adjust your smartphone settings to lower data use. In iPhone or Android settings, under “cellular” or “network and internet,” choose “low data mode” or “data saver.”

To keep an eye on data consumption:

By conserving data, you’ll have more time to use apps like TikTok on Viasat Wi-Fi.

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