Many smartphones now come with Wi-Fi calling settings. Wi-Fi calling allows users to make phone calls using Wi-Fi (wireless) internet in areas where cell coverage is inconsistent or spotty. Viasat satellite internet service provides Wi-Fi, so does Viasat support Wi-Fi calls made with your smartphone?

Viasat and Wi-Fi Calling

Viasat provides subscribers with satellite internet Wi-Fi. New Viasat subscribers receive a satellite dish but also a modem or modem-router combination like the Gateway. However, that does not guarantee that Wi-Fi calling using Viasat satellite internet will be an optimal way to make phone calls. In general, satellite internet usually has higher latency – the time it takes signals to make a round-trip. In order for callers to experience a clear phone call with no delay, they need:

Viasat subscribers may be able to make Wi-Fi phone calls using Viasat Wi-Fi. For casual calls, Wi-Fi calling using Viasat Wi-Fi may be adequate. For those on vacation in remote areas with satellite internet, Wi-Fi calling with Viasat may meet temporary cell phone needs. However, the signal must travel to a satellite in geostationary orbit and back. In general, participants should expect potential delays or interruptions in communicating on phone calls made using Wi-Fi from satellite internet.

Viasat Voice Phone Services

Viasat does offer Viasat Voice phone services as an additional service to satellite internet subscription. Viasat voice is specifically designed to utilize satellite internet with “voice over internet protocol.” Similar to traditional landline phone service, Viasat Voice uses a regular home phone handset, though calls can be forwarded to smartphones. For phone calls requiring clarity and reliability, Viasat Voice phone service technology is optimized to pair well with satellite internet capability.

Battery back-ups or other emergency communication means are encouraged with Viasat Voice, because internet service depends on the power being on. Power outages could interrupt internet and phone service temporarily.

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