Yes and no, but mostly yes. You can make a one-time payment any time you want, but Viasat does require you to have a method of payment on file that they can charge on your due date every month if you haven’t already paid. So, while you could avoid automatic payments by always making a one-time payment before your due date, it still amounts to the same thing as requiring autopay.

What if I go on vacation and don’t need service for a while?

After you have a been a Viasat customer for at least a month, you can choose to switch your service to the Hibernation plan for 2-6 months if you know you won’t need service. The Hibernation plan temporarily shuts down your service and lowers your monthly payment down to $9.99. After 2 months, you can easily switch back to your regular service plan and payment. The Hibernation plan can only be used a maximum of 6 months per year though.

Can I change my due date?

If you need to change your billing date, you can, but be aware that you’re changing your whole billing cycle. If you move the date, that’s the date it will be due every month from then on. Also, you can’t change your due date on the day your bill is due. So, if today was October 6th, and your due date was also October 6th, you’d have to wait till tomorrow to change it.

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