Yes, Viasat internet requires a satellite dish to receive the internet signals from the satellite. The internet data your device requests will be sent to Viasat’s satellite, which will then forward the data on to your satellite dish and into your home or business.

Does Viasat Internet Require a Satellite Dish to be Installed on My House?

A satellite dish will need to be installed at your location, but that can be anywhere there is a clear view of the sky, as long as it’s not too far from the location you want your modem set up. After you sign up for Viasat internet, a professional service technician will come to your location to install all necessary equipment, including mounting and aligning the satellite dish where it can get a good, reliable connection with the satellite. At that time, the service technician will also install your Viasat modem with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, connect it to the satellite dish, and help set up your home network, including connecting all your devices to your newly installed Viasat internet. As soon as the technician is finished, your high-speed satellite internet will be ready to go for whatever browsing, streaming, and surfing you’ve been waiting for.
If you don’t want your Viasat satellite dish on top of your roof or anywhere else that is visible, the Viasat technician can help you choose a location that both fits your needs and still has a clear view of the satellite. Satellite dishes are a symbol of advanced technology, a tool of space-age internet. They represent a new-found ability to have high-speed internet anywhere, even where other internet providers can’t reach. With Viasat satellite internet, high-speed internet is available almost everywhere in the United States.

What Other Services can I Get Through my Viasat Satellite Dish?

Viasat Voice, a VoIP phone service, can be bundled with your Viasat internet and use the satellite dish already installed at your location. Though Viasat Voice shares some of the same equipment as your Viasat internet, it uses a different data channel, which means you can make unlimited calls without slowing down your internet or using up your data. You can also save by bundling DIRECTV with your Viasat internet service, but this will require a second satellite dish installed by a DIRECTV technician

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