Yes. TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Viasat, Inc. TrellisWare was launched by Viasat in 2000 to develop technologies in the field of communications and signal processing systems. Viasat owns TrellisWare with a 52% majority. Their products include radios, waveforms, and other advanced communications solutions. Led by President and CEO Metin Bayram since 2002, TrellisWare has been developing technologies like TrellisWare Barrage Relay networking which removes any need for routing protocols, and TSM waveform which makes networking perform better while devices are in motion, whether on the ground or in the air.

Viasat is a satellite internet service provider focused on providing fast and reliable internet to its customers no matter where they live and work. Unlike traditional wired connections like DSL, Cable, and Fiber Optic, Viasat’s satellite internet is available to people in rural settings where the infrastructure for wired connections is non-existent. Aside from being a satellite internet service provider, Viasat also has contracts with the government in cybersecurity, as well as communication solutions for airborne, maritime, and space operations.

So, while TrellisWare is certainly owned by Viasat, they are two different companies focusing on different aspects of communication technologies.

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