Because Viasat requires installation from a technician, Viasat does not offer a free trial period. If the installer can get a good line of sight, then the service should work well. Installation plus services for a short period would cost Viasat too much time and money.

After you sign up for Viasat, you will schedule a technician to come to your house at a time that is convenient for you. They can usually be there within a few days of signing up. The installation will usually cost $99, but in some areas, you can qualify for free installation with a soft credit check.

You may treat your first few months as a trial period if you want, but it won’t be free. Not only will you possibly have to pay the installation fee, you’ll have to pay three other fees as well. One is the monthly fees incurred while using the service. Your first three months are discounted, so that could be a good trial period. The second is the monthly equipment rental fee, which is $12.99 per month. There’s also an option for a lifetime rental, but if you just want to trial the service, that would just be extra money wasted.

The third fee is the early cancellation fee. This is because all Viasat plans come with a 2-year contract. This early cancellation fee will cost you $15 per month remaining on your contract. If you trial for 3 months, that means $15 times 21 months: $315. Viasat does offer a No Long-Term contract, but it will cost you $300 upfront. If you know you’ll use Viasat for only 3 months, then this will save you a measly $15, but if you use the service for longer than that, then you’ve wasted much more.

All together, it seems like it’s not worth it to trial Viasat. Do your research beforehand and decide whether Viasat is worth it for you. You will save a lot of money by choosing wisely and using Viasat for the full 2-years in the contract.

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