Does Viasat Have a Wi-Fi Booster?

All Wi-Fi networks are limited in their signal’s reach. Wi-Fi routers receive the internet signal and then broadcast it to any device within range. That broadcast signal gets weaker as the signal travels over greater distances and through more objects.

This will also be the same for home networks that use Viasat internet. Depending on the size of your home or office, the Wi-Fi signal may or may not reach the entire space. For the best Wi-Fi coverage, you should place your router in a central location so that the signal doesn’t have to go through too many walls or over too great a distance to reach each room. Putting a Wi-Fi router in a basement or next to external walls can limit the signal's strength in some parts of the house.

While Viasat doesn’t provide any Viasat brand Wi-Fi boosters, most wireless range extenders should be compatible with the Viasat router. While you should install the booster in accordance with its particular instructions, most work in a similar way. You will want to choose a point about halfway between your router and the areas that aren’t receiving strong Wi-Fi signals. You will plug in the booster at that location, connect it to the router, and your Wi-Fi range should be significantly boosted. This is a great, and usually affordable, way to get your Wi-Fi across your entire home or office.

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