In addition to Viasat satellite internet, Viasat also offers residential internet subscribers other coordinating services like Viasat Voice phone service. Viasat Voice is an affordable phone service with easy set-up that uses satellite internet for voice calls. You can use your home phone handset with Viasat Voice or even forward calls to your smartphone.

Is Viasat Voice a Landline Phone Service?

Viasat Voice is a replacement for home phone service. It does not use a telephone line or “land” line. Instead, by connecting your home phone to your Viasat modem with a phone cord, you can make calls using your satellite internet when you sign up for Viasat Voice.

You can still enjoy features of landline phone service with Viasat Voice. These benefits include:

There are additional benefits of Viasat Voice home phone service. Using it does not use data from your internet plan. Viasat Voice is also designed to work smartphones. You can forward calls from your home phone to one or to multiple smartphones.

How Does Viasat Voice Work?

Viasat Voice provides clear, high-quality home phone calls using your satellite internet service. It’s designed to optimize Viasat satellite capabilities. Instead of connecting through traditional telephone lines, Viasat Voice uses “Voice over Internet Protocol” technology to transmit your call over satellite internet.

All internet access depends on power supply. If your power goes out, Viasat internet and Viasat Voice will both be temporarily unavailable until power is restored. If your region is affected by storms or you’re planning remodeling, Viasat encourages subscribers to consider Viasat partner vendor battery backup options. Battery backup enables you to maintain your Viasat Voice phone service in the event of a power outage so you’re able to call 911 or send communications online.

Can I Coordinate Other Viasat Services?

If you are a Viasat subscriber, other coordinating services are available. In addition to Viasat Voice home phone service, these include:

Viasat also provides business and commercial communications solutions, like ground stations and mobile antennas.

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