Credit checks can give a business pertinent financial background information on a potential customer.  This gives a business a better idea of how likely a customer is to pay their bills and thus how much of a risk it is to take them on as a customer.
It is for this reason that Viasat, like most satellite internet companies, will perform a credit check on any potential Viasat internet subscribers.
If you want to sign up for Viasat internet, a credit check will be required.  But don’t worry, Viasat’s credit check process is easier and safer than that of other satellite internet companies.  Viasat cares about your privacy, so your credit check will be done with only your name and address - no social security number required, as it is with other satellite internet providers.  Your privacy is a top concern at Viasat.

Does the Credit Check Performed by Viasat Provide a Credit Score?

When Viasat performs your credit check, no credit score will be given, only a PASS/FAIL result.  When the credit check is completed, you will receive your result, along with some details, in the mail.  If you do not pass the credit check, Viasat cannot accept you as a subscriber.

Does Viasat Perform a Hard or Soft Credit Check?

Hard credit checks (or credit inquiries or credit pulls) can immediately lower your credit score.  Soft credit checks on the other hand will appear on credit reports, but they won’t have any effect on your credit score.  Viasat credit checks are always soft credit checks.  This means you can sign up for Viasat satellite internet today without negatively affecting your credit score. 

What are my Payment Options?

The easiest way to pay for your Viasat internet service is with a credit or debit card.  Viasat accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa, but not Discover cards.  A prepaid debit card in your name will also work.
If you use a card, Viasat will place a temporary verification hold of $60 on the card to make sure funds are available.  This $60 is not a charge.
Viasat will also accept ACH transfers from your banking account and prepaid, refillable Walmart Green Dot or Netspend cards.  Viasat subscriptions cannot be paid with cash or checks.
You will be billed for your Viasat subscription for the upcoming month.  Viasat billing is completely paperless and automatic.  In order to view your account, manage your automatic payment method, or make a one-time payment, you can log into your Viasat account portal on the Viasat website. 
Viasat’s credit checks are easy, safe, and won’t lower your credit score.  That’s one more reason to sign up for Viasat satellite internet today. 

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