Yes and no. Starlink internet is delivered as a self-installation kit that includes a router. If you want to know if you need to use a router at all, then the answer is yes. That is, unless you have the desire and the knowledge required to use your computer as a DHCP server. But you’ll likely find that process needlessly complicated, as you’d be replicating what a router can already accomplish for you. Your computer will need to be assigned an IP address to access the internet. Fortunately, you can use the included router to get connected to the internet right away.

What about using my own router?

If your question is, “Do I have to use the included router?”, then the answer is no. Starlink does allow you to use your own router with their equipment. The Starlink router cannot be used with an additional router, as it does not have a Bridge mode, but you can use your own router instead of the Starlink router. The Starlink app may not function correctly if you use your own router though, and Starlink will not guarantee performance, or that your router will work with their equipment.

Starlink customers may still choose to use their own router though, as the Starlink router is missing some features that some customers may expect to find with their router. Another possible reason some customers may choose a different router, is that the Starlink router is only meant to be used indoors and outdoor use is not covered by warranty. If you need the range provided by an outdoor router for your Wi-Fi setup, you’ll likely want to use one designed for the purpose.

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