Yes, Starlink has a monthly fee of $99 for its satellite internet service. It is unknown if this price will change in the future when Starlink is no longer in Beta testing.

Starlink Fees

The only monthly fee for Starlink is the $99 fee for the service, but if you are hoping to sign up, there are some other costs you may or may not be aware of. To get set up with Starlink satellite internet service, you need to purchase a self-installation kit from Starlink for $499. This kit includes the Starlink satellite dish, a small base to set it on, a wireless router, and cables to connect and plug everything in.

Does Starlink expect you to keep a window open?

That probably isn’t everything you’re going to need though. The kit does not include any kind of way to create an outdoor connection port for the satellite dish and an indoor one for the router. Without that, you’re stuck with a wire running out an open window or door, which is obviously not ideal. You can purchase the equipment required to install outlets from the Starlink shop, but it’s an extra cost many people might not be expecting.

Mounting equipment not included

Another thing you may need to purchase separately from Starlink is mounting equipment. Depending on where you need to position your satellite to receive the best signal, the ground base included in the kit may not be sufficient. If you need to have your satellite off the ground, you’re going to need additional mounting equipment from the Starlink Shop to do so.

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